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ID Tags along the old Rockjock Trail

At one time there were metal "ID" tags marking the Rockjock Trail and it's features. Many of these are lost now, but here are pics of those that I have found and photographed. William Faulkner has found one on the south end that I have not seen yet.

Conley TH

At the Conley Cove Trailhead

Bluejay Canyon

Tag in BlueJay Canyon - Just below current trail

Razor's Edge Rock

Razor's Edge Canyon, pointing the way to Razor's Edge Rock

Razor's Edge Point

Razor's Edge Canyon pointing the way to Razor's Edge Point

Razor's Title Tag

Near the descent to Razor's Edge

Rockjock in Moonshine Canyon

Rockjock Trail Tag in Moonshine Canyon

Shortoff View near Mossy Canyon

View of Shortoff Tag near Mossy Canyon

Tag at Sunshine Point

Tag at Sunshine Point

South End of Rockjock

Tag at southern end of Rockjock near Dobson Knob Road

Latest News:

Friends of Linville Gorge

We have received new info from Chris Blake that Cabin Trail is now open to the old cabin site on Cabin Hill.

Friends of Linville Gorge has a website covering the amazing biodiversity of the Gorge, especially its endangered species. As a public service they offer free Gorge activities such as hikes, forays, and trail maintenance work on their 3 U.S. Forest Service adopted trails, and more!

Recent Trail Work

Linville Gorge Trail

The 8 miles of LGT work from Pine Gap to Pinchin has been completed.

Trail Maintenance Blog

Jim has created a trail work blog. To view reports to the USFS by him and myself, see: Trail Work Blog